Benefit From Getting That Post Lunch Energy Slump Under Control

For those days when you just don’t  seem able to gather yourself together in mind or body – that lethargic feeling the moment you try to get off the sofa.  All too familiar isn’t it!  There is always a problem with having this little rest just after a light lunch – the 5 minute cat nap turns into a full blown, chin down to chest, that well known and downright unladylike heavy breathing dribble . . .   These wonderfully comic thoughts are only too real in so many households up and down the country.  The worrying thing is that it is not just the older folk, the retired set who have nothing to occupy their minds or bodies.  This energy slump is caused by our lifestyle.  Rather too much food – mostly of the rich calorific kind, and a tad too little of the exercise that we know we need.

Contacting a wellness and health consultant could bring benefits that make the outlay a very worthwhile investment.