Learning to Walk Before You Run

Running is undoubtably the best way to burn lots of calories, and it is a great exercise for weight loss.  It is also surprisingly hard to get right first time!  Here is a guide to learning how to run without making yourself ill or burning out with an injury…

  1. Get the right shoes: running shoes are the only piece of kit which really is essential.  Normal trainers do not really have the same support in.  Running shoes are built to suit different running styles and gaits, so it is worth getting your feet looked at by a running shop.
  2. Begin with lots of walking: there is no shame in walking while learning to run.  First off, you need to build up your endurance slowly so as not to burn out.  Begin with a few minutes of walking followed by a minute or two of jogging.  Gradually build up extra minutes of running and take away the walking slowly.
  3. Run as slow as you can: this sort of goes with the walking.  It is important that you do not set off too quickly when learning to run.  It is a hard workout for your body, so by running slowly, you are likely to be able to go further than if you set off at a sprint.