New Year Weight Loss Plans

A new year is always a time when we decide to better ourselves, to lose weight, get fit and feel better in ourselves.  There are lots of ways to go about losing a few pounds, but as it is a bit of a minefield of information, we can get confused about how to do it.

First up, make sure you set realistic targets for yourself.  There is no point in saying you want to lose a dress size in a week, as that is completely un-likely to happen. Instead set small goals, such as losing 1-2lb per week.  You could set intermittent weight goals, or just aim for steady losses.

Think carefully about your portion sizes.  We are conditioned by food companies, restaurants and shops that bigger is better, you get more for you money etc.  This is not a healthy way to think at all! We should make sure we do not overeat even on healthy foods.