Reducing the Sugar in Our Diets

It is getting towards the springtime here in the UK, and it is likely that many of us will be hoping to lose a little weight before the warmer weather heads our way!  A great thing to do is check out the diets we are eating at this time of year.  It is likely that sugar forms a large part of many of our food choices.

Sugar is an essential product for our body, providing energy to our cells. The quantity we eat in our modern diet however, is far too much for our bodies to cope with.  The sugar ends up being stored on our body as fat, making us overweight, unhappy and stressed.

One way to reduce the amount of sugar we eat is to keep a food diary for a few days and highlight the items which are high in sugar.  Some of these items are actually quite surprising, like shop bought bread, sauces, marinades and yoghurts.  Of course, there are obvious ones like chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits too!  Once you can see where you are eating sugar, you can make healthier food swaps.