New Year, New Me – But Can It Go Too Far?

It’s the start of yet another new year with good intentions flying around left, right and centre, but had you considered when our pledges to ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ go too far?  Recently in the news there have been stories of women who have embraced the whole detox scene rather too fiercely and have ended up in hospital, seriously ill.

Some detox plans encourage users to drink much more water than they are used to drinking (we’re talking 3-4 litres of water) each day, and this is having serious health consequences.  One of the problems with suddenly increasing your water intake to that extent is that your body can quickly become depleted of essential salts and minerals, especially when combined with a typically low calorie diet, usually involving a lot of fruit and vegetable products.  When the body runs too low on salts, the mind can become very fuzzy and you can easily black out.  People are being admitted to hospital with near fatal health problems due to too low salt levels in their bodies.

While it is a good idea to give your body a break especially after Christmas, be sure to increase water levels gradually, and ensure you continue to take in sufficient vitamins and minerals.